Friday, December 11, 2009

Brand -X

I still have this letter, it means so much to me.
It was every skaters dream, the first time I got myself sponsored by an American Company -Spring 1986.
The company letterhead is so great.
One factory defect board sent by snail mail!

But when Brand-X set up a UK distributor it was the start of a cool 4 year relationship between us.
A board per month and wheels, Trucks, clothes - the whole she-bang!
Jeremy Fox went on to set up FLIP skateboards one of the most successful skate brands in the world.


FILLER said...

Oi Tarzan
Hows youse ? I used to ride a BRAND X back in the day.Dont remember what sort it was but the graphics was mental .Like loads going on buzy as hell.But I ended up giving it to a mate so he could get started skating.Only to see some kid riding it a couple of weeks later.My mate had sold it ! Fucking great.
Anyway I had talked a mate who was going to the States to pick me up a black Hosoi Hammerhead.They had only just come out and I was blown away with it.Then I got run over by a bus ! But thats another story

Trawler said...

Brand-X was busy as hell, all dayglow, skulls, pus,!

The guy who owned it...Bernie would turn of the lights at night in his screen printing factory and the flourescent paint would continue day- glowing for hours!

Anonymous said...

Same here, had a riot stick that had speach bubbles so you could put your own words in. Nothing rude of course:)

Smartiekid said...

This is a bit old skool for me, but I'm from the recent Flip days and Flip was great for all the brits they used to put on the team. Geoff Rowley, Tom Penny.

Is it ever too old to skate?