Friday, November 20, 2009

Tom Groholski

I met Tom a few times when he came to the UK back in the day.
Probably the most modest skateboard pro ever.
East coast skaters are always the coolest, no nonsense.
I asked about him when I went to back to Daytona Beach a few years ago.
Tom still skates and is a UPS delivery man these days.


anobexia said...

vision Tom Groholski,was my first deck back in the days.
Now we are both riding pocket pistols skateboards.

Pig Dog said...

Definitely one of my top 5 ever skaters and one of the most influential skaters ever? I'm always bangin' on about Tom Groholski!

It's a shame there's so little footage of him floating about the internet. I suppose that's due to him being on Vision, with no proper "sections" on their videos.