Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brough Superior Golden Dream

The guy who has the task of polishing bikes everyday at the British Motorcycle Museum was telling me that the Brough Superior Golden Dream is the most expensive bike in the world. Only 4 made and this one was for the Earls Court show 1938.
A well balanced engine and shaft driven, the Rolls Royce of motorcycles.
It even has a gutter on the tank to stop your nads from getting wet!
That has gotta be worth the 1 million pounds it’s insured for.

This other Brough was a French barn find and cost the museum £140K as boxes of bits.

That is nearly as expensive as my Shovel is shaping up to be!


Spindle said...

that is mental money for a bike, perhaps you could build a water drainaway on your shovel, with all this climate change malarkie, its only gonna get wetter for us UK rider's, ha ha

mp said...

I think I remember reading about the brough golden dream before, Is it the case that there are no guts in the engine or something?