Monday, September 14, 2009

My First skate magazine

Skateboarder December 76.
I still have mine.
It is a bit more beat up than the one in the picture.
I went on to get nearly every one until it crashed and burned in 1980.
It gives me d'eja'vu of lying on my bed drooling over new erethane,
vans shoes and Californian sunshine and pools

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nocomplytim said...

Still got mine, Skate Action 16 page pull-out from December 1985 BMX Action Bike. Used to drool over Krypto Superlites, Haro Circuit Board and marvel at Rodney Mullen's ollie over a milk crate at South Bank. It's got a Sean Goff in it too! It got me off my little fibreglass flexi-deck and onto a proper 10 incher! Ah nostalgia!