Sunday, July 5, 2009

UK Independent vert series -Final

Two pics from the year
Sam Beckett

Oakley Liddell

Words by Wingy..............

What a final it was!

Today, saw Sam Beckett win the Independent Vert Series at Creation Skatepark, in Birmingham. This was the location for the final Leg of the Series and right from the start things were going off.

The B Group Title was taken by Oakley Liddell from Barnstaple, which now earns him a place to ride with the big boys next year. Close second was local boy Joe Atkins and 3rd place was Nick Hanson from Nottingham.

It was predicted that Beckett was going to clean up and that he did, with just about all runs clean and well over 75 points out of 100 this put him well ahead. Sam Bosworth took second place and put on a good show with some incredible trick combo’s to finish his Vert series campaign. Alex Halford ended in 3rd place over all, again with some pretty special stuff going down most of it 7ft plus above the lip.

We finished off with a Best Trick comp, which Bosworth took with a Judo 540 and young Joe Atkins with a Finger Flip Indy Air.

Well done to all who took part today and thanks to all who helped to put the day together. Finally, a special Thanks to Jim Atkins for making the ramp look the nuts!!

Thanks to all our Sponsors Oakley, Rockstar, Vans, Protec, Flip and Bones Wheels.

Check the Myspace for full results.

See you all again next year for the 4th Vert Series with a little Twist.

Watch this space...


Independent Vert Series Result

A group

1st Sam Beckett £600
2nd Sam Bosworth £400
3rd Alex Halford £200

B Group

1st Oakley Liddell
2nd Joe Atkins
3rd Nick Hanson

I am Proud to have been a part of all this.
You guys are awesome.
Big Cheers Trawler

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