Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bulldog 09

A week to go until Bulldog. Whoo-hooo!


elvis burger king said...

Is that the live web cam ?

Spindle said...

sure hope the rain phuks off

Trawler said...

Yeah if you have a letter from Blue.Produce it at gate and you ride right into the Bigtop show tent and it stays there for the duration. It is watched over by the HA , it aint goin anywhere!

Camp with us, it will be cool to meet you.
we are goin Friday Morning.

kerr said...

cool .. just finished reading "No Angel" fkn amazing account chronicling an ATF (alcohol tobacco firearms) undercover agent who goes into the HA in Arizona ... guessing there's not much getting past them! i'll get your number of benny when i go up next week and sort out for meeting up .. see ya fri