Friday, July 3, 2009


I went for a beer with Arwyn last month.

I have known Arwyn for more than 20 years,

We went to California together In 2004.

We made a Skate Roadtrip movie shown on S4C,

it was weird to hear him speak Welsh into the dashboard

mounted camera as we drove down the Pacific Coast Highway

Arwyn Davies Is a welsh TV star in the

national soap opera Pobol y Cwm.

He plays Mark Jones, a nasty Nick Cotton type character

who is always messing up!

Arwyn got married twice in one week,

once in real life and as part of a wedding magazine scam story in the Soap!

His dad Ryan was a well known Comedian in the valleys!

Arwyn is a naturally amazing skateboarder and a fuckin Classic!

Arwyn the actor

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