Sunday, June 14, 2009

Indy and Santa Cruz

I've been visiting the Independent and Santa Cruz Euro warehouse
in Wales.
Hanging out with the Brand manager Ally Barr
while the art guy took some photos of my bike for a
Cruz catalog and I went riding with Ally (Pics Later).

Thanks for the freebies you guys.

Clothes, A shot glass, stickers,
hip flask, magna lites, rolling papers,
fridge magnets etc etc.....
I know it"s sad but this stuff really floats my boat!


nocomplytim said...

Mmmmmm, rolling papers.

Santa Cruz VW Transporter van for sale @ Carrs Porsche garage in Exeter, £8995. Totally covered in Santa cruz graphics - sick. Was it Ally's?

Trawler said...

It belonged to the company but not Ally. He has a Merc van in Independent livery.
i'll send you some rolling papers cos i dont use em. they have roache card inside to rip off. but save em they will be collectors item one day.

nocomplytim said...

Nice one boss, I'll put them away with all the other stuff I've blagged over the years.

We're having a party at Fosters warehouse in Exeter for his birthday, skateboarding will be taking place and there will be a couple of performances by some band called Never Say Rain. Come along if you can, tis on the 4th of July - Independents Day. It'll be good to see yer.

Hows the nipsy coping with all this riding?