Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Shit! The number of times I would travel to skate Farnborough ramps in the
The ramp next to the shopping precinct was the hot spot in the UK for years.
Everyone went there.

Backside air in 1983 wearing my colour co-ordinated skate clothes!


EviLDaN said...

Sure they had some footage of those sessions, Neil Dans,Sean Goff etc.. on Spotlight or something WAAAAY BACK!

Michael Noble said...

Hey dude, was speaking to a freind of mine who used to ride Farnborough back then and mentioned i had seen this post on your blog. he asked if you might know him. his names Phil Cooper ?


Trawler said...

Sounds familiar. I had loads of friends from that area and Alton and Guilford / Ash and Woking.
I should of moved there to be on the surrey skatescene. Instead of all the Mad traveling I did