Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bike show sign

Guys seem to display their bikes better In the States and Japan than we do in England.
Persian rugs, mirrors, sign boards, smokey looking white whispey blankets and accessories.
You can see it all and I think it adds to the character of the bikes.

So with that thinking I made a skate deck sign that is painted to look like my pipes heatwrap and has a vinyl cut bike name logo across it.

It was fun to do because I was bored but I will probably never use it.


JimTrump said...

Sweet logo! ;-)

Spindle said...

dont think it would work at the bulldog, with all the rain, the signs and decorations would be washed away, ha ha

Trawler said...

Thanks Jim
I cannot identify your e-mail I was gonna send you some pics of this yesterday. thanks for doing the logo for me....stoked.

your right Mr Spindle. I may be in a show at earls court . I could use it then