Tuesday, March 3, 2009


(A good weekend and aftermath press release by my mate Wingy)

Home boy comes good on new ramp.

Sunday 1st March saw the start of the Oakley UK Independent Vert series get underway at Mount Hawke in Cornwall.

The first in the series of the 4 vert comps for the season can sometimes be a little difficult, with winter taking its toll on knees and the amount skating that goes on through those dark months. But not this year, Spring had arrived, the weather was warm and the ramp was fresh as the daffodils in the car park. Complete with new roll-ins and a super fast surface the ramp rode like a dream. We were not to be disappointed with larger than usual competitors turnout in both A and B groups the stage was set for afternoon of pure Vert indulgence.

For most I think the fun came from the shear diversity of the B group with lots of improvement from many skaters but also some real crazy moments that kept things well alive on the entertaining side. For instance, how many times do you see someone roll towards the coping into a blunt and pull it in! Not many, definitely a first for me! B group skating always has been about the weird and wonderful things than can and usually do happen, long live the B group.

By the time we got to the big guys things were starting to get very gnarly indeed with most of the riders using the roll ins to send themselves into orbit way above the Mount Hawke floor. Some of the runs in the final jam blew me away airs reaching 10ft, Christ airs above head high, double flip Indy airs and double flip mute airs and yes I said double flips! We are now moving into an area where UK vert skating has never been before and things will only get better. The new ramp at Mount Hawke has only been up for 3 months so plenty of time for progression. The number of young riders is growing at a rapid rate and the drive in these guys is unlike anything I have seen in many years.

Thank you Mount Hawke skatepark and thank you Trawler. Massive thanks to all the sponsors for making it happen: Oakley, Rockstar, Vans, Flip, Protec and Bones.

By the time we reach the final round in June the level of skating is going to be off the scale! So watch out Europe we are coming to get you!!

See you for round 2 in Corby 29th March

Peace - Wingy.
A Group:
1: Sam Bosworth
2: Sam Beckett
3: Alex Halford

B Group:
1: Joe Atkins
2: Oakley Liddell
3: Nick Hanson

Check out the Trophies fabricated by Dave Anderson - Rad

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