Saturday, February 7, 2009

The UK Vert Series

Here is the flyer for this years vert ramp contests up and down the UK.
The contest I run is first up and has now been dubbed "Trawler's Jam" .
This will be the fifth event I have organised.

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Adam Gibbard said...

Hey trawler.

Hope your on the mend, Hows the healing going, when can you get back on the bike ? Blog is fucking ace keep it coming.
I've been a bit lazy of late but thats all about to change. I am qualifying with the British institute of Professional Photography and after seeing my work they want me to put together a portfolio of Skate stuff, I don't think they ever had a skater before and they seemed bang up for it. This is about the best news I ever had as I was expecting to have to shoot screaming babies on white backgrounds. I am taking this very seriously now and I really want to move my work forward a few notches.

You may be able to help me out a bit, If i am not intrusive would it be possible for me to get access to some of the UK vert series platforms, if it's possible for me to do it, I will keep right out the way and I will distribute all pics free via you, so should be good blog fodder. I will also donate a prize for raddest skate brat.

Also I would really like to show the lifestyle aspect of skateboarding and thats where you and your chopper come in, I can't do this without getting a picture of you in there, scars and all, it wouldn't be right without it, I want to show my life and my people from skateboarding and what they have all given me. Your riding has been an inspiration to a lot of people for a bloody long time. I will come to you and make everything as easy as possible again the pics will be yours after to do with as you please.

Is there a picture that you want done that might fit in with this, have a think any fucking thing you like I'm fully prepared to put time and effort into the set up.

I know i'm asking quite a lot but I got to do this, I'm on a mission from god, or possibly the devil? Thanks for your time and I hope you like the idea.

My email is