Friday, February 20, 2009

Jeff Phillips #1

Super cool to meet Jeff Phillips three times although my friends the Abrooks got really close with him.
Sadly Jeff Phillips shot and killed himself on Christmas day 1993.
People say his skatepark wasn't doin too well and he had relationship problems.
Jeff Phillips beat Tony Hawk to win a major contest while he was off his head on acid.
Insanely powerful, creative and awesome skateboarder.

I have all these pics in my loft. But I ripped them from the Vert Is Dead blogspot.

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Pig Dog said...

Yo Trawler - saw this post and thought it's too good not to pimp it, so I've stuck it up on the Sidewalk forum as well...

Jeff Phillips was a ruler! Got to see him skate Bath mini ramp when he came over with Reese Simpson and Monty Nolder. He was amazing - Phillips 66s and all kinds of mad handplants & big bonelesses and airs on a 6ft ramp.