Sunday, February 15, 2009

Barnstaple Bowl 82

Beginnings of the great years of British bowlriding competitions
on local turf at Earth and Ocean skatepark, North Devon.
Summer 1982. I placed Third with Brit legends the Abrook Brothers and Gary Lee.


Tim Salabim said...

Nice trucks, don't tell me... someone else's board! Gonna get you a nice Tracker tee for christmas.

Trawler said...

Yep that's me busted. I was young,impetuous, I didn't know what I was doing!

Stu Gaunt said...

Great photo's Trawler.

I'm currently working on a film looking at history of skating in North Devon. I was talking to Ben Liddell the other day and he mentioned you were a regular at the park.

I would love to hear or see anything else about the park you have! Any history I can get hold of is helpful.

Also if you get a chance, we are opening the new Barnstaple concrete park on the 26th (hopefully) you should come check it out.