Friday, January 9, 2009

Scooter Booter

Hate those spotty Pikey Chavs who buzz me at a stop light.

Little idiots on Gileras and Peugeots in their stupid stripey trackpants.

Dragging their Nike’s along the floor because they cannot ride with their feet up.

I would really enjoy booting them off into a lampost as I go by!

OK Rant over!

51 Pan by Riverside Hobos


South of Watford said...

Indeed they are irritating. But don't you remember your first set of wheels and the cocky independence it gave you. Let's hope they live long enough to grow up and become the next gen of bikers before this namby pamby world we live in gets us all travelling in 4 wheeled tin boxes.

Trawler said...

quite true S.O.W. I was going to say maybe one or two would become "real" bikers but then it wouldnt have been a good ole rant would It?!!

BOB'S BLOG said...

It's no fun unless you generalise!!!