Monday, November 10, 2008

Subconscious Leanings

Its weird . I am redoing my bike.
Its gonna be more cop friendly after my recent TUG
but still cool as fuck.
Narrow bars, lace and scales tank, Overblown vintage horn,
replica old skool headlight, super small air cleaner.
Double stripe Firestone replica rear tire, less brass - more nickel.

Then you realise what bike is running around the back of your brain.


TriumphJim said...

Hey man - how's the leg & stuff - staying positive I hope. Did ya get your collar felt??? Sk8 flyer below looks killa - take it easy - Jim

Trawler said...

The Pigs took an "interest" in my bike shall we say!
Its sorted now and we move on.

I am on the mend thanks- slowly- very slowly.