Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snapped my kickstand

I broke my leg Friday night.
we have a new mega ramp that was finished two hours before i got there
About an hour into the session I dropped into the normal part of the ramp and pushed as hard as i could to get near to the speed, i did this 5-6 times...

I would get up on the roll-in. when i was good and ready, eventually i went up to the top of the roll-in. once you are up there you look a complete twat if you get down off it the steps way.

Several skaters had done it during the first few hours. So with Zak and Reece shouting "do it Trawler". I let go off the top after hesitating for about 30 secs.
I must of speed wobbled through the flat as i didnt have a spanner to tighten my loose trucks. My back foot must have gripped the new wood. then in a split second i was sliding backwards down the transition on my back. Both legs in view with one having a bone sticking out through my long tube socks..I clamped my leg on the flat bottom to stop the blood a bit.
Part of the operation involved getting the tube sock out of the leg because the bone had eaten it back into the wound. . Gas and air and lovely morphine will not make the bumpy farm track ambulance ride out of Mount Hawke any better.

Today i am at home after gettin discharged last night. i can put light weight on it already and i am getting used to crutches. It smarts a bit though!
I reckon it will mend good. I wanna ride my bike.


Triumph Jim said...

Shit man - that's tough. I did the same in the pool at ROM 2 years back. Heal quick and skate soon. Remember what Pat Quirk said breaking ya leg - means ya one of the skate marines. " Just think of that ol' motorsickle of yours... Peace 'n' hair grease - Jim

Trawler said...

thanks for a comment Jim. how you doing?
Nice to know others read my crap.
keep in contact mate

triumph jim said...

I'm good bro - rom jam 2mrw, I'll send ya some pics...

Paul Sampson said...

Haha I see you didn't hate that pic TOO much then. :)
Heal well. Let me know if you get bored and I'll come down for a cuppa or summat.