Monday, June 16, 2008


i got this memory jerker for fathers day.
In August 1991. i went to Donnington monsters of rock with the Abrook brothers and Gary Lee and Tracey Wheller. we were on the Metallica/ Zorlac guestlist, they were support act for AC/DC. we gave out flyers to anyone who would take one about mail order Zorlac-Pushead t-shirts.
It was mayhem all evening with beer flaggans full of piss being flung across the mosh pit throughout the Metallica set, the sky was dark and filled with plastic flaggans at one point.

Anyhow, the main act came on and i was well surprised. the show was awesome with Giant (size of a F$%kin house) whole lotta Rosie inflatable. An Angus Young devil head huge inflatable. A real Bell for hells bells and a 17 gun cannon salute at the end for those about to rock- we salute you, FIRE!

A great two hour movie as part of a 9 month gruelling AC/ DC tour and one of the best gigs i ever seen.
check it out if you can £10 HMV.
And Ozzy wanted 1000 brown m&m's in a Brandy glass...blah blah

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